2019 Bid Tabulations

Below is the list of bid tabulations pertaining to the individual's bids that were posted on this website.  These bid tabulations are posted 24 to 48 hours after the bid has closed.  These tabulations are in PDF format and can be printed for your own records.


Air Compressor Replacement at the Chatham County Detention Center BID#19-0127-5

Generator Replacement at the Chatham County Detention Center BID#19-0126-5

Purchase of Boat Accessories for Chatham County Marine Patrol BID#19-0131-5

Purchase of Multi-Level Shelving for Chatham County Records Center BID#19-0125-6

Property Sale of Tract Located Within 2100-2200 Blocks of SR 307 (Dean Forest) BID#19-0123-4

Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex Parking and Access Improvements BID#19-0118-4

Lighting Upgrades at the Chatham County Aquatic Center BID#19-0120-7

Purchase of Various Ford Vehicles for Chatham County Fleet BID#19-0122-6 

Purchase of Four (4) Chevrolet Tahoes for Chatham County Fleet BID#19-0121-6 

Lease of Golf Carts and Maintenance Services for Henderson Golf Carts RFP#19-0114-5

Lease of License Plate Readers and Services RFP#19-0101-5

Henderson Golf Course Bunker Rehabilitation BID#19-0107-4

One Time Purchase of a 400 AMP Cable/Plug for Generac MMG75D Generator RFQ#19-0117-3

Annual Contract for Pest Control Services BID#19-0109-3 

North Lathrop Avenue Shoulder Improvements BID#19-0103-4 

Purchase of Boat and Motors for Marine Patrol BID#19-0113-5 

Purchase of KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Security for Chatham County BID#19-0110-6

Construction of a Metal Training Building BID#19-0111-5 

RFID Inmate Tracking System for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office RFP#19-0100-5

Annual Contract to Provide Drug Screening Services RFP#19-0091-7

Annual Contract for Investment Consultant Services for Chatham County Employee Retirement Plan RFP#19-0098-7

Construction of a Concrete Slab and Block Walls BID#19-0097-5

Cooperative Extension Service Rehabilitation BID#19-0096-4 

Annual Contract for Desktop Printers for Chatham County RFP#19-0090-3 

Swim Shop for the Aquatic Center RFP#19-0095-5 

Document Scanning Workstations for Chatham County Administrative Services RFP#19-0083-6

Design/Engineering Services for Ambuc Baseball Complex RFP#19-0084-4 

Security System and Software Maintenance and Repair BID#19-0092-5 

Purchase of Full Body Security Screening System for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office BID#19-0082-5 

Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for Human Resources and the Employee Health Clinic BID#19-0080-3 

Purchase of Cisco Equipment for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office BID#19-0081-5 

Annual Contract Roadway Mowing and Vegetation Maintenance on President St./ Islands Expressway BID#19-0077-7 

On Call Appraisal Review Services for Chatham County RFP#19-0069-4

On Call Negotiation Through Closing Services for Chatham County RFP#19-0068-4

On Call Displace Relocation Services for Chatham County RFP#19-0067-4

On Call Cost to Cure Estimator Services for Chatham County RFP#19-0066-4

On Call Appraisal Services for Chatham County RFP#19-0065-4 

Skidaway Norwood Drainage Improvements BID#19-0071-4

Pavement Rehabilitation 2019 - 1st Let BID#19-0074-4 

Annual Contract for Electrical Services for Various Departments and Agencies of CC BID#19-0063-7

Purchase of Barracuda Support Renewal for Chatham County BID#19-0073-6 

Cooperative Extension Service Rehabilitation BID#19-0060-4

Indoor Pool Resurfacing at the Aquatic Center BID#19-0061-5 

Motors for Chatham County Marine Patrol RFQ#19-0075-5 

Purchase of Veritas Netbackup Software Renewal for CC BID#19-0072-6 (Not Awarded)

HVAC Mechanical Modifications at the J. Tom Coleman Judicial Courthouse BID#19-0070-3 

Quacco Road at SR 25/US 17 Intersection Improvements BID#19-0059-4 

Annual Contract for Concession Services at Henderson Golf Course Clubhouse RFP#19-0056-7 

Veteran's Parkway Improvements BID#19-0057-4 

Renovations of 41 Commerce Way, Suites 304-306, Savannah, GA BID# 19-0058-4

Annual Contract for Janitorial Services at Various Chatham County Locations BID#19-0054-3

Annual Pricing for Mosquito Control Chemicals RFQ#19-0050-3 

Annual Cotract for HVAC Maintenance Services at Various Locations BID#19-0031-3

Annual Contract to Provide Temporary Administrative/Clerical Staffing Services BID#19-0052-7

Drinking Water Dispensers for Various Chatham County Departments RFP#19-0007-5

Kayak and Paddle Boat Rentals for Various Chatham County Locations RFP#19-0014-5 

Contract for Emergency Generators Preventinve Maintenance and Repair Services BID#19-0045-3 

Annual Contract for Professional Audit Services RFP#19-0041-7

Annual Contract for Tree Trimming at Various Locations Within Chatham County BID#19-0042-7

Annual Contract for Chiller and Cooling Tower Maintenance and Repair BID#19-0047-5

Annual Contract for Boiler Preventative Maintenance & Repair Services BID#19-0048-5 

Annual Contract for Inmate Jumpsuits and Laundry Bags for the CCDC BID#19-0049-5 

Purchase of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement for Chatham County BID#19-0053-6 

Purchase of Veeam Backup Software for Chatham County BID#19-0051-6 

Annual Contract to Provide Ammunition for the Chatham County Police Department BID#19-0035-5

Annual Contract to Provide Ammunition for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office BID#19-0044-5

Purchase of Law Enforcement Equipment for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office BID#19-0043-5 

Purchase of Quantum Tape Backup System for Chatham County BID#19-0040-6

Property Sale of Lot 1-A Located @ 1101 Bradley Blvd., Chatham County BID#19-0038-4 

Renovations and Additions for the Chatham County Juvenile Court BID#19-0032-4 

Ten (10) 40-Yard Roll-Off Containers BID#19-0037-7

Johnny Mercer Boulevard Corridor Improvements BID#19-0034-4 

Purchase of Various Ford Trucks for Chatham County Fleet BID#19-0039-6

Annual Contract for Engineering Services for Landfill Monitoring RFP#19-0033-7 

Human Resources Roof Replacement BID#19-0021-3

Magnolia Park Drainage Improvements BID#19-0029-4

Annual Contract for Pest Control Services BID#19-0023-3 

Purchase of Surveillance Platform Equipment and Retrofit BID#19-0026-3 

Scanning and Imaging Process for Chatham County Probate Court RFP#19-0018-3 

Annual Contract for Printing & Mailing Services for Chatham County Board of Assessor's Office BID#19-0030-6 

Annual Contract for Benefits Consulting and Actuarial Services for Chatham County RFP#19-0019-7 

On Call Construction Engineering and Inspection Services RFP#19-0025-4 

Annual Contract to Provide Swim Shop Services at the Chatham County Aquatic Center RFP#19-0024-5 

Annual Contract for Warehouse Supplies at the Chatham County Detention Center BID#19-0028-5 

Purchase of Six (6) Cheetah Zero Turn Commercial Mowers for Chatham County BID#19-0027-6 

Incinerator Project for Chatham County Animal Services RFP#19-0016-6 

Annual Contract for Investment Broker/Dealer Services RFP#19-0017-7 

Restriping of Various Chatham County Roads BID#19-0006-7 

Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for Parks & Rec., Frank G. Murray Comm. Ctr and Animal Services BID#19-0002-3

Cleaning System for Tactical Gear for Sheriff's Office RFQ#19-0011-5

Purchase of Quantum Hardware Products for Chatham County BID#19-0008-6

Design, Provide and Install Playground Equipment at Memorial Stadium RFP#18-0134-7

Little Hurst Canal Drainage Improvements BID#19-0001-4

Construction of a Pole Barn @ the Sheriff's Office Range BID#19-0010-5

Purchase of Twenty (20) Ford Explorer Interceptors for Chatham County Fleet BID#19-0009-6

Steel Strengthening of Cast-In-Place Concrete at the Chatham County Detention Center BID#18-0131-4

Chatham County Fleet Services Facility BID#18-0126-4

Lansing Avenue Traffic Calming BID#18-0127-4

Annual Contract for Investment Broker/Dealer Services RFP#18-0135-7 

Purchase of One (1) 2019 F-450 Herbicide Truck for Chatham County Public Works BID#19-0005-6

Purchase of Six (6) New Gravely Pro-Turn 472 Commercial Mowers for Chatham County Fleet BID#19-0004-6 * All Bids Rejected - Bidders Did Not Meet Requirements*

Purchase of One (1) New Wheeled Excavator for Chatham County Fleet BID#19-0003-6

Annual Contract for Fire Extinguisher Services for Various Depts. and Agencies BID#18-0129-3

Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for C.N.T. BID#18-0122-3

Purchase and Installation of Modular Filing System for Chatham County Sheriff's Office RFQ#18-0137-5

Law Enforcement Equipment for Chatham County Sheriff's Office RFQ#18-0138-5 

Purchase of X-Ray Machines for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office and Juvenile Court BID#18-0136-5

Annual Contract to Provide Inspections and Preventive Maintenance for X-Ray Machines for CCSO BID#18-0125-5