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2020 Bid Tabulations

Below is the list of bid tabulations pertaining to the individual's bids that were posted on this website.  These bid tabulations are posted 24 to 48 hours after the bid has closed.  These tabulations are in PDF format and can be printed for your own records.

Annual Contract to Provide Insurance Agent/Broker Services RFP#20-0093-7

SPF Roof System Restoration for the J. Tom Coleman Judicial Courthouse BID#20-0082-4

Chatham County Home Elevation Project for Three Welch Street Properties BID#20-0089-4

Annual Contract for Jet Aviation Fuel for Chatham County BID#20-0086-6

Purchase of Night Vision Monocular for SWAT BID#20-0091-5

Fire/EMS Records Management System RFP#20-0046-1

Annual Contract to Provide Unskilled Contract Labor Staffing for PW and Parks & Rec BID#20-0071-7

Annual Contract for Low Voltage Cabling Services for Various Departments and Agencies of Chatham County BID#20-0085-6

Mims Street Drainage Improvements BID#20-0080-4

Henderson Golf Course 18th Fairway Stabilization BID#20-0079-4

Purchase of Juror Chairs for Superior Court RFQ#20-0081-5

Norwood Avenue Drainage Improvements BID#20-0075-4

Annual Contract to Provide Mowing Services at Closed Landfills BID#20-0076-7

Charlie Brooks Park Expansion - Phase II BID#20-0074-4

Janitorial Services for Wilmington Island Tag Office, Juvenile Court and Precinct 5 BID#20-0073-5

Annual Contract to Provide Canal Mowing Services for Chatham County Public Works BID#20-0070-7

On Call Design Engineering of Transportation Projects for Chatham County RFP#20-0069-4

Exhibit Design/Fabrication/Install Services for the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum RFP#20-0065-4

Pre-Qualification for the Construction of the New Chatham county Courthouse RFQ#20-0067-4

On Call Design Engineering For Drainage Projects for Chatham County RFP# 20-0063-4

Cooling Towers Replacement at the Chatham County Detention Center BID#20-0027-5

On-Call Miscellaneous Civil Design Services for Chatham County RFP#20-0059-4

L. Scott Stell Park Site Improvements BID#20-0057-4

Annual Contract to Provide Prisoner Transport and Extradition Services BID#20-0060-7

Annual Contract for Inmate Food Service RFP#20-0053-7

Pre-Trial Diversion Services for Chatham County District Attorney RFP#20-0061-3

Surgical Masks RFQ#20-0064-1

Outlet Supplies for Board of Elections RFQ#20-0062-1

Annual Contract for Emergency Shelter Supplies BID#20-0050-7

Purchase of Barracuda Support Renewal for Chatham County BID#20-0049-6

Translation Services for Chatham County RFP#20-0040-4

Annual Contract for Moving Services at Chatham County BID#20-0051-3

Purchase of Quantum Service Plan Renewal for Chatham County BID#20-0048-6

Personal Protective Equipment for Chatham County Management Agency RFQ#20-0056-3

Purchase of Veeam Service Renewal for Chatham County BID#20-0047-6

Chatham County Home Elevation Project for 66 Moon River Drive BID#20-0045-4

Contract for Disinfecting Chatham County Citizens Service Center and Tag Office BID#20-0052-3

Purchase of Mobile Field Force Gear for CCPD RFQ#20-0054-6

Purchase of Less Lethal Chemical Munitions for CCPD RFQ#20-0055-6

Purchase of New Furniture for Chatham County Fleet BID#20-0044-6

Purchase of New Vehicle Lifts and Relocation of Existing Equipment for Chatham County Fleet BID#20-0043-6

Design, Provide and Install Playground Equipment at Two (2) Chatham County Parks RFP#20-0041-7

Annual Pricing for Mosquito Control Chemicals RFQ#20-0042-3

Restriping of Various Chatham County Roads BID#20-0038-7

CAD/RMS/Business Intelligence System RFP#20-0018-1

Worker's Compensation - Third Party Administrator (TPA Services) RFP#20-0032-7

Hurricane Shutters for Chatham County Mosquito Control BID#20-0036-3

Sneeze Guards for Voter Registration RFQ#20-0037-3

Sharon Park Landfill Access Road Improvements BID#20-0029-7

On-Call Structural Engineering Services for Chatham County RFP#20-0025-4

Concessionaire Services @ Various Park and Recreation Facilities RFP#19-0104-5

Purchase of Equipment to Outfit an Emergency Operations Trailer for CCPD RFQ#20-0035-5

Temporary Support Facility For Overflow Medical RFP#20-0033-7

Purchase of Law Enforcement Equipment for SWAT BID#20-0028-5

Shower Valve Replacement & Install of New Cold Water Piping @ the Chatham County Aquatic Center BID#20-0006-5

Chatham Parkway Outfall Drainage and Access Improvements BID#20-0023-4

Wylly Island Lift Station Improvement Project BID#20-0019-7

Chatham County I.C.S. Office Renovation BID#20-0022-4

Annual Contract for Guardrail Repair and Installations BID#20-0017-7

Purchase of Various 2020 Ford Vehicles for Chatham County Fleet BID#20-0024-6

Purchase of Toughbooks with Vehicle Adaptors for CCPD RFQ#20-0021-6

Purchase of Three (3) New Animal Transport Vehicles for CC Animal Service BID#20-0016-6

Purchase of New Heavy Duty Equipment for Chatham County Fleet BID#20-0014-6

Renovation of Concessions Building at the Jim Golden Sports Complex BID#20-0014-7

Purchase and Installation of AV System for Three (3) Chatham County Courtrooms BID#20-0008-6

Indoor Pool Resurfacing at the Aquatic Center BID#20-0005-5

Pavement Rehabilitation - 2020 - 1st Let BID#20-0003-4

Certified Arborist/Tree Service for Proposed New Chatham County Courthouse RFQ#20-0015-4

Annual Contract for Warehouse Supplies at the Chatham County Detention Center BID#20-0010-5

Annual Contract for Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services for Elevators at Chatham County Detention Center BID#20-0007-5

Purchase of AV Carts RFQ#20-0011-5

Southbridge Infrastructure Improvements BID#20-0001-4

Purchase of Cisco Switches and Networking Equipment for Chatham County BID#20-0004-6

Purchase of Enterprise Cisco Hyper Converged System for Chatham County BID#19-0141-6

Chatham County Sheriff's Office Third Party Evaluation Services for Breaking the Cycle Project RFP#19-0139-4

Hurricane Shutters for Chatham County Mosquito Control BID# 19-0112-3

Cyber Security Consultant for Chatham County I.C.S. RFP#19-0133-6

Preventive Maintenance & Repair for Lift Station Equipment RFQ#19-0144-5

Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex Restrooms/Concession Building BID#19-0124-4

Purchase of Zeutschel Omniscan Color Scanner for Chatham County Admin. Services BID#19-0140-6

Purchase of Rifles for CCPD BID#19-0143-5

Eight (8) 40-Yard Roll-Off Containers and One (1) 20-Yard Roll-Off Container BID#19-0136-7

Annual Contract for Warehouse Supplies at the Chatham County Detention Center BID#19-0135-5

Purchase of Law Enforcement Equipment for SWAT BID#19-0134-5

Purchase of Motors for Chatham County Marine Patrol BID#19-0130-5

Purchase of a Boat for Chatham County Marine Patrol BID#19-0129-5