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2012 Bid Tabulations

Forensic or Clinical Psychologist RFP# 12-0143-3


Temporary Mobile Kitchen for the Detention Center RFP#12-0132-3

Apache Avenue Boat Ramp Improvements BID# 12-0134-4

Parking Garage Access and Revenue Control System RFP#12-0119-7

Whippoorwill Road Canal Outfall Structure Rehabilitation BID#12-0142-4

Annual Contract for Property Insurance Appraisal Services RFP#12-0124-5

CNT Building Addition BID# 12-0096-4

Annual Contract for Tree Removal at Various Locations Within Chatham County BID# 12-0128-7

Annual Contract for Tree Trimming At Various Locations Within Chatham County BID# 12-0127-7

Office Furniture for the Pete Liakakis Government Building BID# 12-0138-6

Tybee Pier Stair Replacement QUOTE # 12-0133-4

Workstations for the Pete Liakakis Government Building BID# 12-0135-3

Tara Manor Drainage Improvements BID# 12-0120-4

Waste Recycling Compactors and Service Agreement BID # 12-0126-3

Benton Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation BID# 12-0121-4

Annual Contract for on Call Construction Services for Engineering BID# 12-0117-4

Furnish and Install Carpet Tiles @ CNT Administrative Building and Warehouse BID # 12-0118-7

Disaster Recovery Base and Camp Support RFP# 12-0110-3

Emergency Warning Siren Maintenance & Service for CEMA BID# 12-0114-3

Engineering Services for Condition Assessment Survey (CAS) for Southbridge Subdivison RFP # 12-0111-4

Street Resurfacing at Various Location BID # 12-0103-7

Signing and Marking Safety Project BID # 12-0106-4

Electric Cargo Vehicle for Chatham County BID # 12-0122-6

Employee Medical Clinic RFP # 12-0064-1

Engineering Services for Gateway-Henderson Branch Canal Drainage Improvements RFP# 12-0101-4

Card Access Control System RFP # 12-108-6

2012 F-250 Truck for Chatham County BID # 12-0112-5

Two 34 Cubic Yard Self-Contained Compactors BID # 12-0094-7

Annual Contract for Crushed Stone for Chatham County BID # 12-0100-5

Purchase of an Optiview XG Network Analysis Tablet BID # 12-0098-6

Shipyard Rd / Lehigh Ave Drainage Improvements BID # 12-0092-4

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Bypass Panel REQ # 12-0097-6

Replacement of Water Tank at Glen of Robin Hood Water System BID # 12-0091-7

Case File Folders for Superior Court BID # 12-0093-3

Restriping of Various Chatham County Roads BID # 12-0087-7

Annual Contract for Warehouse Supplies for Various Dept. BID # 12-0028-3 pg 1

Annual Contract for Warehouse Supplies for Various Dept. BID # 12-0028-3  pg 2

Annual Contract for Janitorial Services at Multipule sites within Chatham County BID # 12-0083-7

Annual Contract for Mowing services of Canals, Landfills, and Waste/Water Treatment Facility BID# 12-0062-7

CISCO Catalyst Network Equipment Quote # 12-0089-6

EMA Mobile Interagency Command Center BID # 12-0035-3

Dental Items for Detention Center BID # 12-0078-3

Medical Items for Infirmary at Chatham County Detention Center BID # 12-0074-3

Geothechnical Reports for Two (2) New Libraries RFQ # 12-0081-7

Purchase and Installation of SMARTBoard System RFQ # 12-0056-6

Annual Contract for Custom File Storage Boxes RFQ # 12-0050-6

Roofing Consulting Services for Chatham County Detention Center RFP# 12-0021-1

Truman Linear Park Trail - Phase II BID# 12-0031-4

Chatham County Fleet Service Facility BID # 12-0016-4

Emergency Generator Installation BID # 12-0012-7

Pressure Washing for Memorial Stadium Q12-0015-3

Structual Assessment of Bull Street Courthouse RFP 12-0001-1