Awarded Bids


Purchase of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement for Chatham County BID#19-0053-6

Annual Pricing for Mosquito Control Chemicals RFQ#19-0050-3

Annual Contract for Inmate Jumpsuits and Laundry Bags for the CCDC BID#19-0049-5

Annual Contract for Boiler Preventative Maintenance & Repair Services BID#19-0048-5

Annual Contract for Chiller and Cooling Tower Maintenance and Repair BID#19-0047-5

Annual Contract to Provide Ammunition for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office BID#19-0044-5

Purchase of Law Enforcement Equipment for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office BID#19-0043-5

Purchase of Various Ford Trucks for Chatham County Fleet BID#19-0039-6

Ten (10) 40-Yard Roll-Off Containers BID#19-0037-7

Johnny Mercer Boulevard Corridor Improvements BID#19-0034-4

Annual Contract for Engineering Services for Landfill Monitoring RFP#19-0033-7

Renovations and Additions for the Chatham County Juvenile Court BID#19-0032-4 

Annual Contract for Printing & Mailing Services for Chatham County Board of Assessor's Office BID#19-0030-6

Magnolia Park Drainage Improvements BID#19-0029-4

Annual Contract for Warehouse Supplies at the Chatham County Detention Center BID#19-0028-5

Purchase of Six (6) Cheetah Zero Turn Commercial Mowers for Chatham County BID#19-0027-6

Purchase of Surveillance Platform Equipment and Retrofit BID#19-0026-3

On Call Construction Engineering and Inspection Services RFP#19-0025-4

Annual Contract to Provide Swim Shop Services at the Chatham County Aquatic Center RFP#19-0024-5 

Human resources Roof Replacement BID#19-0021-3

Scanning and Imaging Process for Chatham County Probate Court RFP#19-0018-3

Annual Contract for Investment Broker/Dealer Services RFP#19-0017-7

Incinerator Project for Chatham County Animal Services BID#19-0016-6 

Construction of a Pole Barn @ the Sheriff's Office Range BID#19-0010-5 

Purchase of Twenty (20) Ford Explorer Interceptors for Chatham County Fleet BID#19-0009-6

Purchase of Quantum Hardware Products of Chatham County BID#19-0008-6

Restriping of Various Chatham County Roads BID#19-0006-7

Purchase of One (1) 2019 F-450 Herbicide Truck for Chatham County Public Works BID#19-0005-6 

Purchase of One (1) New Wheeled Excavator for Chatham County Fleet BID#19-0003-6

Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for Parks & Rec., Frank G. Murray Comm. Ctr. and Animal Services BID#19-0002-3

Purchase and Installation of Modular Filing System for Chatham County Sheriff's Office RFQ#18-0137-5

Purchase of X-Ray Machines for the Chatham County Sheriff's Office RFQ#18-0136-5

Annual Contract for Investment Broker/Dealer Services RFP#18-00135-7

Design, Provide and Install Playground Equipment at Memorial Stadium RFP#18-0134-7

Annual Contract for Uniform Cleaning Services for the CCPD BID#18-0132-7

Sttel Strengthening of Cast-In-Place Concrete at the Chatham County Detention Center BID#18-0131-4

Annual Contract for Fire Extinguisher Services for Various Depts. and Agencies BID#18-0129-3

Chatham County Fleet Services Facility BID#18-0126-4

Annual Contract to Provide Inspections and Preventive Maintenance for X-Ray Machines for CCSO BID#18-0125-5

Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for C.N.T. BID#18-0122-3

Annual Contract for Recycle/Drop-Off Center Attendant Services for CCPW BID#18-0121-7

Annual Contract for Janitorial Services for the Citizens Service Center BID#18-0117-3 (Re-Award)

LED Parking Lot Area Lights for CCDC RFQ#18-0110-5

Annual Contract to Provide Roadway Mowing and Vegetation Maintenance on Veterans Parkway BID#18-0106-7

Evacuation Transportation Resources for Chatham County Emergency Managemet RFP#18-0095-3

Janitorial Services for the Anderson-Cohen Weightlifting Center BID#18-0091-3

Jury Management System Software for Chatham County RFP#18-0083-1

Annual Contract for a Temporary Support Facility for Disaster Operations RFP#18-0049-3

Chatham County Police Department Strategic Planning Services RFP#18-0080-5